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Baltijos Cirkas is the oldest Professional Circus organization in Lithuania.
The member of European Circus Association (ECA) from 2007.


Our credo:

The Best circus traditions for children and adults!


Everyone's welcome!

Don't miss Circus events at unique place - Chamber circus !!!

We invite you to visit the Chamber Circus with the whole family!

Welcome to the unique circus building - Chamber Circus in Kaunas! This is a one-of-a-kind multifunctional facility with expositions of circus history, clown collection, a circus arena and a circus courtyard where you can have fun and useful time with your family.
We accept orders for various events for educational institutions, various organizations and private holidays.

Drobės str. 31, Kaunas.

Chamber circus's activities:

Excurtions, educational events.

Order your tickets now: +37067016445.

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WORLD CIRCUS DAY at Chamber Circus!

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If you want to attend a repertoire performance or organize a private celebration, feel free to contact our manager: +370 670 16445.



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Waiting for you! We guarantee a great time for adults and children!!! 

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In response to hostilities in neighboring Ukraine, we cannot stand by and have been actively involved in the movement for support and assistance to the Ukrainian people. Several times the Baltijos cirkas team went to the Lithuanian millennium children's camps in Vilnius and Kaunas.

On March 26, the first free performance for Ukrainian refugee children took place at the Baltijos cirkas Headquarters, the Chamber Circus. Seeing the need and receiving the support of the Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Kaunas, we decided to make these performances regular.


takes place in the Chamber Circus on Saturdays throughout April:

04.02 - 14:00
04.09 - 16:00
04.16 - 16:00 - World Circus Day
04.23 - 14:00
04.30 - 12:00

There is a separate registration for each event.
The registration form is published in the 
Baltijos cirkas account, in the different groups of the FB platform
for information and communication of Ukrainian refugees.



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Baltijos cirkas is Your family circus !



All evants of Baltijos cirkas in 2018th are dedicated to the 250th Anniversary of Modern Circus!!!


Lets Celebrate with us! Choose an event!



20 April 2013 - IV World Circus Day !!!


This (2012) year's World Circus Day in Lithuania was dedicated to Lithuanian circus coryphaeus Jonas Ramanauskas 100th anniversary.


Jonas RAMANAUSKAS - an extraordinary figure in the history of Lithuanian circus - one of Lithuanian professional circus pioneers, athlete, artist, leader, an active supporter of amateur circus, professional circus arts enthusiast, the circus promoter and disseminator of values. Professional Artist's career began in 1929 in circus "Ausra" ("Dawn"), but most part of creative road he went in the professional circus "Vilnius".


We organized our event to show, that circus arts have been, are and will be in our culture, society, decorating and enriching our common identity. It was an open air show-conference, with the participation of interesants of all ages.


Pasaulinė cirko diena





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Full member of European Circus association (2007).

Member of ASSITEJ LITHUANIA - Association of Children`s and Youth`s Theatres (2009).

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